Weather and Prayer

Two posts in a row on this nonsense? Yup, it must be bugging me more than I thought! Ok, here’s the real reason for the second post about prayer, reality, and even Atheism: locals (and many others) are now actively calling for all kinds of weather-manipulating prayers, and crediting them (and God, I guess?) when the weather pattern changes.

Before Prayer

My Facebook bubble shows me mostly North Carolina (NC)-based prayer meme nonsense since that’s where I live, so that’s where I’ll focus, but I’m sure this shit is happening in Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), Texas (TX), et. al.

Here’s the advisory issued by the National Hurrican Center that sparked all the local hubbub. As you can see, coastal NC is well in the “cone of uncertainty” particularly the Cape Fear River region, causing Facebook memes ranging from prayer requests, to “save your dogs, too”, and “there’s no more water or food in the stores” memes.

After Prayer (this morning)

Wow, look at the power of prayer…how can you say God isn’t real after seeing this clear evidence. Checkmate Atheists!

Well, as it turns out, the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina help enact policy to help pet owners during evacuations, and when the stores were still full of both food and water yesterday afternoon, but those are distractions, so let me get to the prayer thing.

What Did You Pray For and Why and For Who?

Congratulations! You prayed to safe or prayed for the storm to go elsewhere. I notice these memes don’t really give a lot of helpful advice on what to actually pray for. Unfocused prayer…brilliant. So everyone in NC prayed for the storm track to shift, apparently, or as evidenced by the second image, everyone in NC prayed for Irma to destroy three previously untargeted states rather than their one. You could have prayed to turn it out to sea, but no, you chose to put even more people in the path of destruction, flooding, and prolonged power outages. How utterly Christian of you.

You see, if prayer worked, then you have to accept that you’re causing this shift. You have to take responsibility for your actions. Or you have to finally admit that prayer is inaction; it’s something to placate yourself. It’s useless self-congratulations on doing absolutely nothing, which is why you shame others into doing it as well. If you don’t, then you’re the only one doing nothing but talking to imaginary people in the sky instead of helping, but if you’re part of a group that can convince yourselves that doing nothing is really doing something, then responsibility avoided! Cha-ching!

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