Friends and South Carolina

Another day of travel, and a wonderful evening with friends, sights, and pizza! This was the longest driving day of the trip, but thankfully I learned my lesson from the dehydration of the previous day, so I drank more water, made more pit-stops, but arrived with plenty of energy to hang out and catch up.

Columbia has a lot to offer tourists, but I was blessed to have friends to show me around some specific sights that I wanted to see, which were quirky, and therefore completely open for photographs and seeing. It was a great time! I got to see several large mural artworks, and the world’s largest fire hydrant!

As promised, I was taken to The Pizza Joint, known in that area for having really, really good pizza. We got the “Big Boy”, a pie almost two feet in diameter, loaded with a bunch of fresh ingredients. While we all agreed that it could have used a little bit more time in the oven, it was a fantastic slice or thin-crust pizza overall.

All of that really pales in comparison to getting to catch up with someone you haven’t seen in about twenty years! Sharing stories of adventures, challenges and triumphs with a friend from yesteryear really is good for the soul. It’s certainly a different experience when you look back on things rather than looking ahead at that same period of time.

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  1. I am really glad you had a great time in Columbia. It was great to see you and visit in person. 🙂 I can’t believe we saw each other after 20 years. Amazing! I see your new adventures are keeping you happy and full of new things to explore. Enjoy!!!!

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