I’m not

I’m not a product. More and more, I’m opting out of the system that allows me and my habits to be tracked, recorded, packaged, and sold. I’ll use whatever technological means at my disposal to thwart that system. That system is unconscionable. It’s not about “personalizing my online experience”; it’s about profit, period.

I’m not a resource. Not in the corporate “human resources” sense. I’m not a cog that fits quietly and obediently into the corporate machine. I’m working every day to make a tomorrow worth having. I’m not surrounding myself with cubicle walls, I’m surrounding myself with like-minded people who are out doing the same.

I’m not hustling. I’m working. I’m strategising and planning my upcoming schedule of events. I making new things. I’m getting up before the dawn because I want to. I’m standing out there selling my artwork because it makes me happy.

I’m not striving. I’m far more interested in being happy in a “mediocre life” than missing the point of life altogether.

I’m not competition. The system teaches us to beat one another in a race to the top. I’m far more interested in being happy journeying with others who understand that life is about experiences and community than “winning” at the expense of others and their journey.